Fear, according to the Oxford dictionary, is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.” Needless to say, the threat of Covid-19 has driven many into the arms of fear, leaving most of us apprehensive about what the future holds for us. Desperation increases as we recognise that the things we normally depend on – like money, talents, personality etc – to tackle the issues of life are currently no longer options. 

We are left overwhelmed as the reality of our human limitations become more and more apparent. In times like these, we can become vulnerable to false sources of hope presented to us by the government, media, colleagues, friends and family but that have no lasting effect to carry us through, thereby substantiating our fears. So why ask To fear or not to fear?”

Most of us know the story about Noah and the Ark recorded in Genesis chapter 6-9. Noah, was what we would now call a Christian and was told by God to build an Ark with specific dimensions. This was because God was going to destroy the world with a flood as a result of mankind’s sin, but because of Noah’s faithfulness and relationship with God, He wanted to save Noah and his family from the flood. God also told Noah to warn the people around him about the flood and so that they would repent of their sins and could be saved from the impending doom. This, Noah did for about 120 years whilst building the Ark as instructed by God. At this point, I’m sure you are wondering how this is relevant to us but stay with me…

All that we see going on around us today is no surprise as God’s word already shows what will take place in the last days. The reason why many people are gripped with fear is because of the ignorance of God’s word and sin. Like Noah, I want to encourage you to turn away from sin and get on the Ark, which represents God’s presence. Just as God was specific about His instructions to Noah regarding the dimensions of the Ark, He is specific about how we can turn away from our sin and come into His presence, which is through Jesus Christ. 

God through Jesus Christ is the hope we need in these times; So when I ask, “To fear or not to fear?”, the answer is not to fear but to have faith in God to see you through. God Bless!

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