There is a term in contract law called “Force Majeure”, which means that either party can cancel a contract if unforeseeable circumstances arise. Examples are usually stated as fire, flood, war and, very poignantly, “Acts of God”.

Could this time of COVID-19 that we are living in be an Act of God, or an act that God is allowing to happen in order to make our mortality more realistic to us, thereby encouraging us to consider Him?

Churches are conducting services online and the Gospel is being preached to all the world and into our living rooms as we isolate ourselves from the ravages of this virus. I hear people talking on the news who have survived this terrible plague saying how “lucky” they are to be alive and that they will really appreciate their lives from now on, they will do all the things on their “bucket list”.

I thank God that they have survived, but we all know the inevitable has only been postponed and one day we will all stand before our Creator to give an account for our lives. He is a God of mercy and grace and He is speaking to us throughout this time, He wants us to turn to Him and receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Friend, please don’t let this time of isolation be wasted in loneliness, despair or even self-indulgence. While we are locked away from loved ones, jobs, leisure activities, gyms and all the pleasures the world has to offer we can use every minute wisely to draw closer to the Creator of the Universe, reach out to others and tell them of the love of Jesus.

Friend, please understand that every Act of God is no accident, He is in full control of everything and the only thing preventing us from drawing close to Him is us, our will, our view of things. Could this “Act of God” be the time that you turn to Jesus and ask Him to come into your life?

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