It’s that time of the year again – Spring Time. The season where flowers begin to blossom and trees begin to look green, creating picturesque views coupled with moments of warmth from the sun that help us forget the gloomy dark days of winter.

With the country still on lockdown, most of us have taken comfort in spending time in our gardens. No doubt the green-fingered ones amongst us, I presume, have started to plant all sorts of things, waiting for them to grow so that the benefits of what has been sown will be reaped.  One thing we can all agree on, whether green-fingered or not, is that whatever has been sown, we expect to reap i.e. apple seeds will produce apples etc. 

This principle of reaping and sowing applies to our lives as well. We don’t expect to sow right behaviours and be punished for it. The same is also true for the reverse, we cannot expect to sow bad behaviours and reap good rewards. So why do we?

You may be thinking how do we expect this? Well, for instance, we tell lies and hide behind excuses like “I’m just trying to spare their feelings” or “I was trying to protect you” or “it was just a white lie so it’s not really a lie”. Well, the truth is a lie is always wrong, regardless of the intention and lies give birth to deception and mistrust. We hate, gossip, cheat, steal, kill, fornicate – the list is endless – and justify our bad behaviours to make the actions right with mindsets like “the end justifies the means”.  But, does the end really justify the means?

The Bible, which is God’s word, calls these bad behaviours sin and sin leads to death, which is eternal separation from God in a place of eternal torment. This place, might I add, was not intended for man. Galatians 6:8 says whoever sows to please their flesh (in other words, lives a life of sin), from the flesh will reap destruction.  

We recently celebrated Easter, which was to remember what God did for mankind 2000 years ago. Fact is, each one of us by our very nature is sinners and have the tendency to sow bad behaviours, so God sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross in order to pay the price of our sins so that we do not have to reap destruction. Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was payment for our sins and His resurrection gives us the power over sin so we no longer have to give in to planting bad behaviours.

However, this isn’t automatic, you have to choose to believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour and accept what He did on the cross, in other word repent. The second part of Galatians 6:8 says whoever sows to please the Spirit (which is the Spirit of God), from the Spirit will reap eternal life. This is because eternal life can only be found in God through Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked, tricked or manipulated. He knows and sees exactly who we are and despite this, still calls us into a relationship with Him because of His love for us.

Do you want to sow seeds of eternal life or continue to sow seeds of destruction? What will your answer to His call be? God bless.

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